SJB always needs more helping hands on our complement of staff.

Are you a qualified teacher wanting to empower our boys with education and opportunity?  Are you a cook or a cleaner passionate about creating a homely environment for our boys to thrive?  Do you have a skill or trade that will add value to our boys’ lives?  Yes?  Then please contact us or send your CV to


SJB needs your help!

We are always in need of committed volunteers who can help our boys with their studies during school, after-school, or weekends. If you are a retired teacher who still has that passion for teaching our little ones, do contact us!  We need coaches for our boys in sports, and we would really love to have instructors in music and STEM join our team.

We encourage our boys to talk with us on an individual basis so that each child feels safe to discuss any concerns about his history, the “orphanage”, staff members, school, other children, visitors. We need counsellors so that our boys are assured that there is always someone they can talk to.

At SJB, we are always busy! There is always something exciting happening! If you would like to give of your time on a regular basis, but are not sure in what way, please be sure to contact us. We would love to have you join our team and make a difference in the lives of our children.